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Victorinox Skinning Blade Fibrox Handle


4 ounces

Stainless Steel



1 lbs

Stainless Steel

Havalon hv11522 baracuta blaze skinning knife



.3 ounces

Stainless Steel



Victorinox Skinning Knife

After a while knives always must be sharpened to continue to get those amazing smooth cuts. When it comes to this knife, the sharpening process is easy enough for a novice to do it correctly and is for some reason less frequently needed. Various outdoorsman who have purchased this specific skinning knife, which by the way is the same company that makes Swiss Army Knives (Victorinox), have claimed to use it to skin multiple deer before having to sharpen it again. This beauty comes with a fixed 6” blade just waiting to slice up some game or be used in the kitchen.

The non-slip handle works even if you get it wet. This knife comes sharp as a razor straight out of the package. The wide blade helps to stay on top of the meat as you work your way down the joints, keel bone, etc. It has been tested on fish, chicken, moose, beef, lamb, sheep, deer, elk, pigs and everything in between. These knives work so great in fact, that even the meat cutters at Publix supermarket use it!

This knife is manufacture din Switzerland by the makers of Swiss Army Knives so you know that the quality is far superior to any other skinning knives on the market. This is by far the best skinning knife on the market, you will not be disappointed. Victorinox is the first choice of the pro's.


SZCO-Supplies-5Pc-Skinning Knife set

This 5pc skinning knife set brings a variety of skinners with different angles and thickness. This one has been reviewed to be a small knife set with the blades being EXTREMELY sharp and short enough to get into hard to reach places when skinning up your game. The real outdoors-man always has a more than one skinning knife. This knife set comes with a black nylon sheath and the handles are made from black pakkawood handles. The sizes include: wharmcliffe 6.5", drop point 5", drop point pot belly 5.5", small straight back blade 5.5”.

This is an awesome knife set to have in your hunting gear. Get your set today if you are a serious one.


Havalon Baracuda Skinning Knife

This is a unique skinning knife itself simply because of its main feature of being able to replace the blades. This comes in handy for 2 reasons. You can have different size blades for different types of cuts and angles, just slip hem out and insert the new one. You can also have more than 1 blade so you don’t have to sharpen as soon as you need it. Carry an extra 2-3 replaceable blades and sharpen the dull ones when you are able to at a later time. These replaceable blades are known to be very sharp and can make very smooth and effortless cuts. This is the knife to achieve quick, clean, deep cut, and almost without pause.

The package contains the knife, sheath and 5 extra blades so that you never have a dull blade on hand. When you are out on the field you can just replace the blade with a spare and then sharpen them when you get home. In addition, you can also avoid having to carry 6 regular hunting knives. The blades are razor sharp so you can clean 3 deer with one blade before having to think about sharpening the knife.
The orange color also make it stand out so that it does not get left behind. This model is also compatible with the filleting blade for fish to add more versatility!