Sheath Included

1.94 lbs



Sheath Included

1.68 lbs



Sheath Included

14.9 ounces


iunio Camping Axe

This is by far one of the coolest axes you will ever come across. This bad boy comes with a few hidden tools INSIDE which is what makes it so unique. First off, it is re-sizable. The handle is made of very thick aluminum with 2 shafts that you can screw on and off to go from axe to hatchet at will. Inside the shafts is where all the surprises find refuge. There is a built-in knife with a magnesium rod underneath for fire starting, a safety hammer, bottle opener, glass beaker, and a compass on the opposite end. The length of the handle alone is 16 inches which makes it easy for travel and storage.  What type of serious outdoors man would not own this thing!!!

I highly recommend this product because it will exceed your expectations for the low price. From my experience the product feels extremely sharp and securely put together however, I would recommend taking some Loc Tite and putting it around the first joint below the axe head to prevent the head twisting loose when chopping.

If you do purchase this piece and you swing the ax resulting in the head to come loose, it’s not because the product is faulty it’s because you are hitting it sideways and you just need to practice a good even swing.

If you still need more convincing their customer service is top notch! If you end up having any issues they are very responsive and try to make things right. This piece even comes with a lifetime warranty so if you need any replacement parts they will be happy to help you.This is an absolute must have, just make to keep it in sight because everyone around you is going to want it!!


Estwing EOHA Hunter's Axe

This one is also a keeper with which you can’t go wrong. Estwing's premium tools have been made in Rockford, IL since 1923. The Estwing Hunter Axe is the perfect tool for the outdoors-man. Forged in one piece and built to last a lifetime this American made hunters axe comes with a patented shock reduction grip which no other can even compare to. Sharpened by hand with a heavy-duty sheath, it’s blade is perfect for cutting through just about anything. This piece contains a sharp gut hook which is perfect for field dressing large game

This axe is created for the tough tasks but the piece is still light-weight, making it easy to use and easy to carry. The leather washer grips making it easy to hold in wet or dry circumstances. The bright orange leather gives it a nice touch, making it especially easy to keep track of in the woods. Estwing is an American known brand that lives up to its expectations, which I why the company offers a lifetime warranty on the materials and manufacturing defects.


Estwing Sportsman's Axe - 14" Camping Hatchet

If you are looking for a small utility hatchet, this one is for you! This is a more traditional yet extremely reliable tool from this collection. Manufactured with comfort in mind this one comes with a genuine leather grip that was hand sanded and lacquered for a durable and comfortable finish. Made in the USA and forged in one piece, this 14” hatchet is the way to go if you are just looking to hack away and get to the point. The Sportsman's axe includes a rugged ballistic nylon sheath with belt loop so it can always have your tool close at hand.

A plus side to this little tool is that you can also use the back end as a hammer to pound (with the sheath on) in the tent stakes, making this piece versatile. One recommendation I would make is to condition the sheath for water so that the product does last for years to come.

This product is made by Estwing so your know it’s a product you can trust that is going to last for generations to come. Estwing products are made here in the U.S.A. making it quality you can trust, but in case any problems arise Estwing does provide a lifetime warranty on their products.

Whether you are an outdoors man, recreational camper or just want to be read in an emergency, you will not regret the purchase.